Sweet Valentine Treat Bags

Sweet Valentine Treat Bags:  IMG_1487

I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you.  I decided to make these fabric valentine bags for my daughters Montessori class.  They are super easy to make and you can get as creative with them, as you want.

Items you will need:IMG_1517

  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • cotton fabric (how much fabric will vary on how big and how many you need to make)
  • ribbon 20 inches long each
  • fleece or fabric scraps for hearts
  • scissors (pinking if you have them)
  • treats to go inside the bags

Step 1:  Cut your cotton fabric to the size you would want the bags.  I cut each piece 6 inches by 10 IMG_15211/2 inches.  If your planning to finish off your edges you might want to consider adding more fabric to the length.  I decided to keep it simple and used raw edges.  I cut the edges with a pinking scissor (zig zag scissors), so that they wouldn’t unravel, but you can use a regular scissors.  If the edges fray, it will just add to the homemade look.

Step 2:  Cut out some hearts that you want to sew on to your bags.  You want to sew them on first before you sew each bag together.  I just freehand cut out my hearts with a regular scissors.  Fleece is a nice material because it gives your hearts texture and it won’t fray.  Knit fabric would be good too, but its harder to sew with and we want this to be easy.

Step 3:  Now before I sewed my hearts on, I loosened the foot pressure and thread tension on my IMG_1523machine.  That way, I wouldn’t have to take the time to tack down my hearts.  Remember, I was making a lot of these and didn’t want to waste any extra time.  Then placed your hearts where you want them and sew.   I used a simple stitch around the hearts.

Step 4:  Now, sew your bags together.  In order to do this, be sure to place the right sides together (hearts on the inside) and stitched along the three edges with an inseam of 1/2 inch, leaving the opening at the top.  Then I snipped off extra thread, ironed and flipped right sides to the outside.

Step 5:  Now just add ribbon and treats.  If you really want to cut corners you could just fill the bags IMG_1534and tie the bag up with your ribbon, but I wanted to sew the ribbon in place for safety and reusable reasons.  To do this I just simply took the ribbon and placed in the the middle of the backside of the bag.  I stitched up and down and that was it.  (Make sure you ope your bag to do this and not stitch your bag shut).  After that I added the treats, tie them up and was done.  You won’t believe how quick and easy they really are to make.  Now give yours away and make someone happy.


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