Jean Shorts Tutorial

If your daughter some how manages to magically get holes in her jeans like mine.  Then is short easy tutorial is for you.  I’m guessing you have many pairs of jeans that look like this in the knees from runny and sliding across the floor.  She totally learned it from her older brother.

IMG_8892I thought this was only boy thing, but I’m starting the thinks my daughter just might be worst than her brother.  Well, here is a cute easy solution.  You just make them into shorts.  So cute for little girls.  I’m not sure if jhorts Jean Shorts are really cool for boys, but nobody is stopping ya!

Okay, So I know this is probably a “No Brainer” of a tutorial, but my hopes are to remind you how fast and easy this project is with super cute results.  Get more for you money!


  1. Jeans with holes
  2. Scissors

Step 1:  Cut the jeans at a length you want.  I don’t recommend cutting the jeans while on your child… that would be bad!  But you sure could measure the length on your kid and then take them off to cut.

I just eyed it!IMG_8893

Step 2:  Cut one leg and then fold in half in order to get the same length in both legs


Step 3:  Double roll ends and you have a new pair of jean shorts.  If you like the frayed look, just throw in the washer and dryer.  Trim extra stings.    TaDa!  Arent they Cute! IMG_8905IMG_8904


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