Knit Sew Cute at Mama’s Artisan Market

IMG_3713This past fall 2013 Knit Sew Cute was accepted as a vendor at Mama’s Happy Artisan Market.

It was a fun 3 day event that had live music, wine tasting, hoola-hoop dancing, artist and lots of awesome Junk!  I had such a fun time at this event.  Sold tons of items and had to restock each morning.  I met some great people, like the mom and Daughter team of Upsy Daisy.  They were vendors next to me.  It was just a fun happy event with perfect weather!

This is the tent I was located.  It was so pretty with a translucent top to allow for the light to come in.

IMG_2563  Sorry it’s not a very clear photo, but my space was on the right towards the back.

Here is a photo of things I started collecting before the event. My husband loves when the garage starts filling up with all my crazy finds.

IMG_3711Another bad photo!

These are photos of different ways I was thinking of display my items at the event.    IMG_2391



That’s my husbands Jeep.  I’m sure he loved seeing this happening in the garage!IMG_2534

Unfortunately, I can’t find more of my photos of the event.  Here’s just a few!

Setting up in the grass was a bit tricky.



  IMG_2543I can’t wait to do another event!


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