How to Make a Lavender Sachet

So recently, I was looking for a fun little gift to make for my friends for their birthdays.  Nothing over the top, just a sweet little gift that says “I’m happy were friends!” 

I decided on…

Organic Lavender Sachets

organic lavender sachet with vintage fabrics

organic lavender sachet with vintage fabrics

These sachets turned out great and now I have more friends and family wanted them too!

Purpose:  You want to put these sachets anywhere you would like to smell a hint of lavender.  You can put them in your dresser, closet, shoe cabinet, under the garbage bag, car, sports bags… you name it!  It will smell great!


  • Light Weight Fabric (I used some cool vintage fabric)

  • Lavender (I used Starwest Botanicals Extra organic lavender flowers) You might be able to find it on Amazon for less?

  • Cardstock Paper

  • Scissors

  • Pinking Scissors (or you can sew with right sides together and flip outside-in, hem and sew shut)

  • Sewing machine and thread


Step 1:  Cut your fabric squares to the size you want using regular scissors, not the pinking.  I did a 4.5 inch X4.5 inch square.  To save on time, I first made a cardstock paper pattern so that I could easily trace a bunch at a time.

Step 2:  Sew two pieces of your fabric squares together with back sides together at a 1/4 to1/2 inch inseam.  Only sewing 3 sides.

Step 3:  Fill you fabric with lavender

Step 4:  Sew it shut.

Step 5:  Cut around the edges with pinking scissors.  This will keep it from fraying.

Here’s are few more I made with modern fabric.



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