How It All Started“In a nutshell”

Welcome to my site!  My name is Traci and I have two shops on Etsy.  I started Knit Sew Cute in 2009 after stumbling across Etsy for the first time.  I found Etsy to be this wonderful place created for people like me to network, discuss and sell their creations.  I remember showing my husband the site and saying “You have to look at this, it’s so cute.”  Hence the name “Knit Sew Cute.”  I know, I know, I know…not out of this world creative, but I just wanted to get started with my own shop and that’s what stuck.  So, I started selling my handmade baby items along with a few other items.  I had created a fun little hobby.

Then along came a sweet little shop called “Mama’s Happy.”  A shop filled with handmade, recycled, up-cycled, re-purposed, vintage items and with wonderful artists.  I rented a space and started selling my creations there along with learning the “Junkers” way.  I was learning to paint furniture, reupholster chairs, and re-purpose items that were no longer useful…and make money.  I could finally start calling myself an artist.  I was having a lot of fun, but it was difficult at times and I needed to take a break.  After stepping away for awhile I was able to focus again.  That was when I created my second Etsy shop called Vintage Retreat.  A shop filled with fun vintage items I find.

Now, here I am blogging!  I wonder what will happen next.  I hope you enjoy.

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